Live act and concert @ Mapping Festival 2022 (Geneva)

I’ll play three times during the mapping festival 2022 in Geneva (Switzerland).
I also made an electro-botanical sound sculpture for the Art and History Museum.
More info here :

DIY vinyl record and audius streaming

I made my first 5” DIY record cut with a track named “traces”.

Not perfect but I really like this rough sound and this Lofi analog saturation. It’s also really fun to do⚡️You can listen this one and the original on my new Audius channel :
More tracks will be added exclusively on it soon

The vinyl version can be listen here :

AD LIB, audiovisual field playing performances

Following a spontaneous discussion with photographer and videographer Mustapha Mezmizi, we immediately wanted to record improvised audiovisuals sessions in various inspiring and unusual places with portable equipment. This first AD LIB video was recorded in a single take in a wood on the edge of the Hautes Fagnes (Belgium).
Music : Xavier Gazon “caosg” (2020)
Visual : Mustapha Mezmizi

Maskman – Exercism

The Mask

Control is death, chaos is life.


(c) Xavier Gazon 2020

Technical info :
It’s a circuit bending voice transformer for kids mounted into 3D Print mask with potentiometer to change audio sample rate manually and some pushbuttons to change mode (vocoder/vibrato) and pitch (up/down).

Music with plant

Another experiment with my modular and sensors connected to plants to generate music playing.

GIRAA _ Sound art sculpture for tapeloop

GIRAA is my first sound art sculpture with tape cassette.
Cycles of eternal return (amor fati) are the same and always different.
Outside myth of Progress, time and directions are opposed at the same moment.

GIRAA _ Xavier Gazon (c) 2020

Drumming ! #pickupMachines

Pickup machines is a collection of hybrid lowtech upcycled instruments that combines electroacoustic vibrations and digital and mechanical control to creates textures, beats and melodies outside natural elements.

Installation and demonstration of two pickup machines coupled with eurorack modular synth for some fx and filtering treatments.

Xavier Gazon

CHROMATIC – optical color sequencer

Chromatic is a circular sequencer that transforms colors as musical notes.
Sequences speed can be change by potentiometer, direction by a switch and you can manually changes color sequences with the finger lever along the turntable.

It uses Teensy micro controller and color/distance sensor to convert color in MIDI notes.
One sensor was also added to detect and create clock trigger for modular and old school drum machines with the white point at the edge of the turntable.

CHROMATIC is inspired by some early 20th century electronic instruments that used colors and light to create music as the Optophonic Piano from Vladimir Rossiné
(1916), Luminaphone from Harry Grindell Matthews & Bernard.J.Lynes (1925) and, Cellulophone’- from Pierre Toulon & Krugg Bass (1927).

These version is still in beta test and in the demo Xavier Gazon plays with triad chord quantizer with random chord notes order to produce variations on choosen musical scale.

There are some features to improve playability :

  • 3 MIDI controllers potentiometers
  • 1x slide controller that can be use as classic control or as manual triggers : 2 triggers at the extreme position and one in the middle.
  • One sensor count the white traces on the edges of the turntable to create an analog and MIDI clock to sync with others instruments (modular and MIDI)
  • one sensor calculate the height of the color sensor with the object to control other parameter.

Motorized Musicbox with CV gate/trigger for modular synth – Theme from ‘Romeo and Juliet » by Nino Rota

Sound design and artwork by Xavier Gazon