Motorized Musicbox with CV gate/trigger for modular synth – Theme from ‘Romeo and Juliet » by Nino Rota

Brian Eno – Music for airports / Four walkmans remix

I discovered the ambient by listening to ‘music for music ‘ by Brian Eno. I was 14 years old. The Title and the cover had intrigued me. I loved this music immediately, a music of the moment, out of time.
I did a remix for fun with four walkmans. I used the same technique as Eno except for the number of tracks (8x tracks, here 4x) and I only kept the loops with the piano patterns. So I premixed 4×2 tracks keeping the same time cycles.


V2.5 will be release soon on
It’s the final version of this module I designed during this year.


CHROMATIC – optical color sequencer
————————— – – – –

Chromatic is a circular sequencer that transforms colors as musical notes.
Sequences speed can be change by potentiometer, direction by a switch and you can manually changes color sequences with the finger lever along the turntable.

There are some features to improve playability :
–  3 MIDI controllers potentiometers
– 1x slide controller that can be use as classic control or as manual triggers : 2 triggers at the extreme position and one in the middle.
– One sensor count the white traces on the edges of the turntable to create an analog and MIDI clock to sync with others instruments (modular and MIDI)
– one sensor calculate the height of the color sensor with the object to control other parameter.

It uses Teensy micro controller and color/distance sensor to convert color in MIDI notes.
One sensor was also added to detect and create clock trigger for modular and old school drum machines with the white point at the edge of the turntable.

CHROMATIC is inspired by some early 20th century electronic instruments that used colors and light to create music as the Optophonic Piano from Vladimir Rossiné
(1916), Luminaphone from Harry Grindell Matthews & Bernard.J.Lynes (1925) and, Cellulophone’- from Pierre Toulon & Krugg Bass (1927).

These version is still in beta test and in the demo Xavier Gazon plays with triad chord quantizer with random chord notes order to produce variations on choosen musical scale.

Another Season

Performance and composition on my modified omnichord OM-84.
Recorded live outside near the city of Liège (BE). First day of autumn.


The first run of CV TAPE PLAYER is finished !

I added CV processor (offset + attenuverter) to have more control over CV speed and signal management.
The second run will be ready for mid-june.
If you’re interested, send and email at xaviergazon – at – with CV TAPE PLAYER as subject.
The run will be limited to 15x modules.


My CV TAPE PLAYER for eurorack is in great synthtopia magazine ! Thanks.