Mask Xavier Gazon

The Mask

The Mask was created in context of excessive and coercive politics in my country (Belgium) to pretends fighting a virus. The current media terrorism is simply to justify and enforce the establishment of the 4th industrial revolution and his sectarian transhumanism eugenicism that can’t exist with « obsolete humans ». I like technology and science in the…

Drumming ! #pickupMachines

Pickup machines is a collection of hybrid lowtech upcycled instruments that combines electroacoustic vibrations and digital and mechanical control to creates textures, beats and melodies outside natural elements. Installation and demonstration of two pickup machines coupled with eurorack modular synth for some fx and filtering treatments. Xavier Gazon

New album on the way

An angel went through the silence of silences and I composed an album of a line during this lockdown. It is instrumental and was created at night, in calm, below the stars ✨ I look forward to letting you discover it. No later than this fall. Xavier Gazon

CHROMATIC – optical color sequencer

Chromatic is a circular sequencer that transforms colors as musical notes.Sequences speed can be change by potentiometer, direction by a switch and you can manually changes color sequences with the finger lever along the turntable. It uses Teensy micro controller and color/distance sensor to convert color in MIDI notes.One sensor was also added to detect…